Eveline is a cat who lives with some humans and other cats. The other cats are her father and sibling. She is sitting in the window, as cats are known to do. As she does this, she has flashbacks of the past that build up to her present. These flashbacks are of playing in a yard as kittens, but having buildings being put there now so nobody can. Most of them are about the “explorer” dog (that is to say stray) that she had an affair with (I felt like a stray is the closest to the stereotypical “sailor” type for animals.) Her father wouldn’t let it happen, and always expected her to stay. Eventually, she has to choose between sneaking onto a train with her dog lover, or staying at the house with her family. The film leaves it ambiguous as to what she decides.

As she gets closer to having to make this decision and the tone shifts to a less happy one, the colors and lighting get a little darker.