For this self portrait I decided to post another audio recording. This time, it’s me doing a song by the Mountain Goats called “Going to Georgia.”

This is a song that the band doesn’t really play anymore and for good reason. I still dig it even though I know it’s got terrible things going on in it, but I’ll let the songwriter explain it better than I can:

“I wanna say to interrupt the narrator — the most extraordinary feeling in the whole world is to wake up in jail. That’s a really extraordinary feeling. So compared to this guy being wrapped up in his own ideas and feelings, to wake up, oh, I’m in jail… Wow, my feelings don’t count for shit. This is jail, right? And you knock on the bars and go, hey man, like I’m a singer-songwriter. You have to let me out of here. And then the guy who you went to high school with goes, ‘No I don’t.’ And you say, ‘But Lance,’ ’cause that’s his name ‘Well, Lance, you gotta let me out of here,’ and he says, ‘No, I don’t.’

If you should find yourself in this song, heaven forbid, don’t say ‘Oh! What’s the chance for epiphany here?’ Call the cops. There’s a fucking psychopath on my porch. I hate him, and I want him to go to jail. And if the police say ‘What if he’s having some deep feelings?’ Tell them ‘Take your patriarchal bullshit down to the garbage can where it belongs and haul this guy off to jail because he has a gun.'”