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The first project for CP 102 was to create a sound machine and create a one minute long sound piece with that machine.

My machine:


I chose to use my book bag because it’s something almost everything has. I also wanted to go for more natural, every day kind of sounds. At school, the sounds of unzipping and re zipping are very common.

We then had to create a “score” or set of instructions for how to play the machine and recreate our sounds.


It reads:

Start with an empty book bag. Gather any school supplies you may have lying around.

Slowly unzip the book bag.

Put textbooks/etc. in the bag (materials used up to performer)

Zip it back up very quickly.

Undo the Velcro flap.

Unzip all zippers at varying speeds.

Flip the book bag upside down, allowing the contents to fall to the ground.

Re-zip the bag, one zipper at a time.

Following these instructions, I got the following audio track:

I then went into audacity and split up and remixed the track into something slightly different. I used random.org to generate the number of times I would cut the audio and for how much each segment would overlap.

What started as a single audio track ended up looking like this:


And sounding like this: