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What I learned this week: if you wear glasses, maybe don’t mosh. Punk shows are fun, but they’re always full of people who are inebriated and not really paying attention to their surroundings. In the mosh pit, there was a bigger guy who was having a hard time standing up straight. I didn’t mind helping the guy out and getting him to a safer spot to rest, but he sort of barreled into me and my glasses went flying to the ground. They were stepped on repeatedly for about ten minutes while I attempted  to search the ground for them. One of the lenses was never found.

There are some pros and cons to this situation, however. Not having glasses until at least Wednesday is a huge downer and will make note taking in classes significantly more difficult for the next couple of days.

However, I was informed that my prescription was at least five years old and that I’d need to get a new one anyway. So at least with my new glasses I will be able to see a little better than I could before this incident.

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