Project #4 –

My fourth project is an interactive one. It’s almost like a game. A seemingly unfinished website with hidden clues that lead to certain pages. Deciphering the cryptic messages is the key to unlocking the story. Some knowledge of how webpages are built is needed to find everything (some clues are/will be hidden in the source code).


Self Portrait #13 – Goat Mountain

10. goat mountain

I’m part of the RSO known as Alt.News26:46. We make documentary style segments and little skits and air on the local PBS affiliate. I was given this at our end of the year meeting. I’m a known Mountain Goats fan in that group, and so someone was kind enough to draw a mountain and put goat heads on it for me.

Self Portrait #9 – Books


These are some of my favorite books. I’ve been a Kurt Vonnegut fan ever since I read Slaughterhouse-five in highschool. Cat’s Cradle, Slapstick, and Jailbird are all books that I want to turn into films one day. Bend Sinister is delightfully disturbing (it has to be disturbing, coming from Nabokov. He’s responsible for Lolita). A Clockwork Orange is one I read after seeing the Stanley Kubrick film.

House of Leaves is a book that I’ve read many times. In fact, it’s the only book that has ever truly frightened me. It inspires pretty much every artistic project I take on. If I can make it reminiscent of House of Leaves, I will do it (EDIT: see project #4).

Reaction to Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing”

Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing was a fantastic film. It was funny and over-the-top, but at the same time it was super serious and an amazingly well done commentary about race relations in the United States.

It’s a very complicated film which ends (spoiler) with Mookie, one of the main characters, throwing a garbage can through the window of Sal’s Pizzeria following the death of a young black man at the hands of a police officer. It’s just as powerful and relevant today as it was when it was released in 1989. Many people wonder (as it’s never explicitly stated) if Mookie and the rest of the people who destroyed the pizzeria did the right thing. I don’t think it matters whether or not it was “right” by anybody’s moral standards. What matters for me is that his actions brought justice to Radio.

I agree with Malcolm X on this one. There is nothing wrong with using violence in direct action, especially in self-defense.